Service Request

TRANSFER OF EXISTING SERVICE: If purchasing a property with active water service,  all parties listed on the deed will need to complete and submit the following:

  • Membership Transfer Form & $50.00 Membership Transfer Fee - Buyer is the Transferee and should complete the right side of the form. The membership transfer fee must be paid when paperwork is submitted.
  • Service Application & Agreement - Be sure to read all pages of the document. 
  • Right of Way Easement -  Must be signed in front of a notary and bear the signature and stamp of that notary. This document can be notarized in our office free of charge.
  • Confidetiality Request - All records on file with this corporation are subject to the Open Records Act and are available to any party upon request. Completing this form keeps information confidential.
  • Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust - A copy of the filed marked Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust, meaning the document has been filed into record at the county of residence and bear the file mark of that County Clerk's office, is required as proof of ownership. If you do not yet have a filed marked copy of the deed, you are granted temporary service for 60 days as long as a copy of the unfiled deed or settlement statement from closing is submitted. If a copy of the filed marked deed is not submitted within 60 days from the date of application, the temporary service will be suspended until it is received.

RENTERS: If renting a property with active water service, complete and submit a Renter's Application. The property owner listed on the deed is the owner/member of the service and must complete and submit an Alternate Billing Agreement for the bill to be mailed to a renter.

NEW SERVICE REQUEST: All requests for new water service must complete a water service study to see if upgrades are required to support the requested meter(s). These upgrades are paid for by the person requesting the new service. Once the Water Service Study Form is received with an aerial view map of the property with an X marking the proposed meter(s) location and appropriate fees for the study (listed on the form), the information is submitted to our engineer and the results returned in two weeks. The new service fee, which does not include upgrades, is $3,050.00 each ($300.00 Membership, $1,950.00 Equity Buy In and $800.00 Installation/CSI).